sábado, 24 de julio de 2010

The Paris Hilton crazy vacation in Saint Tropez The popular blonde is spending some nice days with her sister, Nicky, in the French town

Paris Hilton is very clear that summer is a time to enjoy. Hence the popular blonde has traveled to the French town of Saint Tropez, a destination, like other celebrities, usually chosen each year to spend a few days of fun and which is accompanied by her sister and fellow adventurer, Nicky.

If anything can boast both Paris and her sister is the figure that look spectacular in a bikini. The heiress has parked the usual glamor that we have come and walk the French coast with a 'look' of the hippest and summer.

Although only take a few days in Saint Tropez have profited well over time and thus have been seen sunning, enjoying the company of some friends, dancing in an unexpected shower of champagne or aboard a stunning yacht, from the they made fun jumping into the sea through a trampoline.
Again, the heiress is told through his personal website Twitter followers what is going on these days on vacation: "Spending time in my life in Saint Tropez! Will always be the best summer:)" " I like to have fun in the sun! ", published Paris.

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