jueves, 1 de julio de 2010

The cost to manufacture a four Iphone

The company iSuppli, like every time I get an Apple product, has submitted the manufacturing costs of the iPhone 4GS. For unconditional expensive apple products this is the detail of the bill: The 'smartphone' 16GB costs the company $ 187.51 Steve Jobs. The market research firm dismantled one by one the pieces that make up the object of desire of consumers and concluded that the design of the iPhone 4 may be different, but Apple's strategy is the same as ever.

Increase increasing profit margins for them. The total cost for the 16GB version is around 153 euros, about six more than the previous version.

Hence, the expert from iSuppli explains that "the BOM fourth generation model is almost identical with those of previous iPhones."

The most expensive of all the Retina screen that makes LG Display 960 x 640 pixels and it costs about 23 euros ($ 28.50).

According to iSuppli coach, manager to browse among the guts of the iPhone in April, this is how Apple can "build up a huge cash reserve."

These estimates, however, do not include marketing costs and other costs incurred by Apple for the manufacture of the mobile.


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