viernes, 23 de julio de 2010

Young changes his cell phone for a convertible Porsche achieved this through barter on Craigslist website

By Agencia EFE

Los Angeles - A California teenager managed to exchange his old mobile phone for a Porsche convertible after a series of exchanges made through classified ads website Craigslist without money involved, reported the CNET page.

Steven Ortiz, 17, began his commercial feat in 2008 with an old phone that gave him a friend.

The young man offered to change the device by another product through the popular website buy-sell and succeeded in getting a better quality phone.

From an average of 5 to 6 hours a day looking for good deals on that website achieved an iPod Touch, then came an old bike, then another, then a MacBook Pro computer exchanged for a Toyota 4Runner.

At the time Ortiz was 15 and could not drive, so I got rid of the vehicle in exchange for a cart that is used to scroll through the golf courses.

In total, the teenager made 14 swaps during this period, the last was the one that led him to a 1975 Ford Bronco, considered a collector's model for a 2000 Porsche convertible.

Ortiz estimated price of $ 15,000 Ford while his sport is in the market for $ 9,000, but was decided by the Exchange earlier this year.

Now the young man is thinking of changing his sport by another car when he realized that he can not deal with vehicle maintenance costs, just for the oil change is charged $ 150.

The business is conducted by Ortiz is still far from the achievement of another Internet entrepreneur who in 2008 entered the Guinness Book of Records because he was able to get a home-based trade-offs made during one year, and taking as its starting point a clip .

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